To understand reality is not the same as to know about outward events. It is to perceive the essential nature of things. The best-informed man is not necessarily the wisest. Indeed there is a danger that precisely in the multiplicity of his knowledge he will lose sight of what is essential. But on the other hand, knowledge of an apparently trivial detail quite often makes it possible to see into the depth of things. And so the wise man will seek to acquire the best possible knowledge about events, but always without becoming dependent upon this knowledge. To recognize the significant in the factual is wisdom. Dietrich Bonhoeffer:


Life is a train of moods like a string of beads; and as we pass through them they prove to be many colored lenses, which paint the world their own hue, and each shows us only what lies in its own focus.---RALPH WALDO EMERSON
Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.---ABRAHAM LINCOLN
There is neither happiness nor misery in the world; there is only the comparison of one state to another, nothing more. He who has felt the deepest grief is best able to experience supreme happiness. We must have felt what it is to die, that we may appreciate the enjoyments of life.---ALEXANDRE DUMAS
“It is not because the truth is too difficult to see that we make mistakes... we make mistakes because the easiest and most comfortable course for us is to seek insight where it accords with our emotions - especially selfish ones" --- Alexander Solzhenitsyn quotes (Russian novelist, Nobel Prize for Literature (1970), b.1918)
“Wisdom ceases to be wisdom when it becomes too proud to weep, too grave to laugh, and too selfish to seek other than itself.” ---Kahlil Gibran

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

LOSING Grip and walking away..far far away

Time gets so slow at times for some and when things don't happen as planned, they get really sour and unfortunately makes one lose interest in anything. Inconveniences are natural occurrences and sometimes they are just too much especially  when they all come at once. Occasionally these are the dealings we have with the devices we use in our daily lives as phone, computers or just the net connection. These stuff exist supposedly to provide comfort and more capabilities of  performing more actions and saving time. But in times when they go wrong, they really do ruin ones day especially when there's no way of making a thing  better or at least works.

I'm not sure if it is similar to how the rest react to the kind of tech drags but it does really wear me out. I can still remember the number of times I hit my notebook due to the annoyances which obviously gave me a lesson expense wise. It's just unfair to have these stuff for help yet at times they offer the other way we never desire to. Worst, if one is catching up with time to accomplish some work  or just fulfilling an  essential commitment.

I have to admit  we have now a  lot of better things giving the credit to modernization, it's just fascinating that no matter what, we cannot deny the fact that they do, too if not often let one down. And in such situation one would want to just walk away and go back to the woods and deal with nothing. At least for a moment there're ease and peace.

Guess this is of  both emotional and mental struggle when one has set the mind to do a thing yet the feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment is aborted. Making one hopeless or just in a struggle to take other options for the desired result though at times there's no other else to do but accept the fate and turn the attention to anything that makes one feel better at least. Smelling the roses perhaps helps. :))

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