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Friday, August 26, 2011

Foreigners' RIGHTS Under Thai law Seminar LAST PART - Q&A

*There was a question on Bail and the Judge related that someone can bail himself or hire a "bailman" and of course hiring one has fees.

*One asked on computer crime as his e-mail  had been hacked and that e-mail  address sent many different  e-mails to different people and the person wanted to clarify if there was A NEED TO PAY THE  POLICE OFFICERS ANY CASH  for the investigation.

     -----Ans:  It's the DUTY of the police officers or the civil servants to do it for FREE. If one asks for cash do not give anything or you can make/file a complaint to the Police Station Head or any higher ranking officer. It's bribery and is a serious offence in Thailand.

* If the court gave judgement on Impeachment but there's no arrest.

     -----Ans.  If offenders did not appeal, the court will make an arrest warrant. Police has the duty to arrest the person. It also depends on the jurisdiction of the arresting Police officers. The Police should try their best to get the criminals and send them to jail.

*How long can a criminal case last?

     -----Ans.  It depends. On murder it's at least 15-20 to life. Police has 84 days detainment, first detention is three days and after three days it must be forwarded to court and in prison shouldn't be more than 84 days. A criminal case should last from three to five months but not exceeding six months in court.

* Condo owner running after payment

     -----Ans. Reference is the Customer Protection Act. This doesn't need any lawyer but has to appeal to court.

* What are the chances of Foreigners in Thai-Foreigner cases?

      -----Ans.  The Thais and the Foreigners have the same rights.

*What if a foreigners is  a target of extortion by a government employee or Police officer?

      -----Ans.  That's unfair treatment. One should make (file) a complaint to a higher rank Police officer or the National Police.

* What is the minimum price/amount/expense  for the victims in  filing a case?

      ------Ans. Criminal Case is free of charge. ( in suing the offender)

       ------Ans.  In Civil Cases --one has to pay the court fee. This is also depending on how much money the complainant asks for damage. It's TWO PERCENT of the amount of cash  one files for the case but not over 200, 000 baht. If you win the case, the defenders pay back the fees.

       -------Ans.  If there's no money (this needs proofs/evidences as no relatives to help, debts etc.)  one can ask the court on Customer Protection Law. One can have exemption for the court fee.

*If any police officer asked you to be a witness (you have no lawyer, they changed their mind)

        ------Ans.  Offenders by Police: as a SUSPECT you can ask for a Lawyer before questioning. You can also ask for an interpreter for documents.

*A friend borrowed money costing 400, 000 Baht with contract but not paying.

        ------Ans.  Lender: amount more than 2000, 000 with evidence in writing and with signature.

* Bar fights with Thais or Foreigners

       -----Ans.  Criminal procedures will be applied.

*Discrimination issues, certain discos allow only specific persons

     -----Ans.  20 years below are not allowed in some bars.

*Traffic Accidents; settled  who has the most expensive vehicles.

     ------Ans.  It depends on the structure of criminal offence and if someone is injured re: criminal offence

*Should a suspect sign any document which he doesn't understand?

     ------Ans. You don't have to answer any question if you don't have a lawyer to participate in the inquiry procedure.

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