To understand reality is not the same as to know about outward events. It is to perceive the essential nature of things. The best-informed man is not necessarily the wisest. Indeed there is a danger that precisely in the multiplicity of his knowledge he will lose sight of what is essential. But on the other hand, knowledge of an apparently trivial detail quite often makes it possible to see into the depth of things. And so the wise man will seek to acquire the best possible knowledge about events, but always without becoming dependent upon this knowledge. To recognize the significant in the factual is wisdom. Dietrich Bonhoeffer:


Life is a train of moods like a string of beads; and as we pass through them they prove to be many colored lenses, which paint the world their own hue, and each shows us only what lies in its own focus.---RALPH WALDO EMERSON
Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.---ABRAHAM LINCOLN
There is neither happiness nor misery in the world; there is only the comparison of one state to another, nothing more. He who has felt the deepest grief is best able to experience supreme happiness. We must have felt what it is to die, that we may appreciate the enjoyments of life.---ALEXANDRE DUMAS
“It is not because the truth is too difficult to see that we make mistakes... we make mistakes because the easiest and most comfortable course for us is to seek insight where it accords with our emotions - especially selfish ones" --- Alexander Solzhenitsyn quotes (Russian novelist, Nobel Prize for Literature (1970), b.1918)
“Wisdom ceases to be wisdom when it becomes too proud to weep, too grave to laugh, and too selfish to seek other than itself.” ---Kahlil Gibran

Friday, October 22, 2010

Neutrogena Surprise at WATSONS, my lucky day!

Oh I just feel so blessed today! I mean, I know there are quite a lot of  freebies and good discounts here in Bangkok but tonight is definitely an amazing experience for me.

I   went to this mall close to my home for dinner then drop by Watsons for my toner. I'm actually a Neutrogena user,I love the product as it's very suitable for my skin. I haven't observed any shops of them except stalls in Boots or Watsons. In my early years here in Bangkok, I didn't have any hard time getting Neutrogena face powder don't know well  it  was just gone. I have no clue what happened but anyway I stick to one of their toners. I just can't live a day without using toner hehe.

So, I got there and I noticed that they marked down the price from 295baht to 265baht. And when I reached the cashier, the lady said something in Thai  getting another Neutrogena cream. I told her I couldn't understand what she said and she pleasantly went out from where she was and asked her colleague to explain in English what did she mean.

And you know what? Buying that toner entitled me to get the Neutrogena cream that cost  620baht for ONE baht!!! Yes, I repeat, the cream cost 1baht! I was tongue tied when I heard it, it was like.." gosh..are you kidding" or "are you  serious". I couldn't really believe what I heard  and of course I answered that I was  getting that creamt for one baht. So then, I just paid  266baht for both toner and cream. I feel so lucky and to think the products are not expiring soon.

It always feels good getting buys at lesser costs but a surprise offer is definitely astounding! And I mean, that ONE baht is indeed is fabulous! :D

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Feelin' HIGH

It's been two weeks since the school break and here I am stuck in my place. At certain point, ,I did plan to travel outside Thailand but I thought the weather wasn't really doing well so, I changed my mind  and thought again of just going around the country. But opps, I almost forgot it isn't the safest anymore to travel alone and that would be a bit risky aside from the bad weather we're having.

I like it when it's break as I can relax, sad thing is,  if one is alone as I am, it  isn't  too easy to travel and to get anywhere at least I'm saying this now. I didn't have the same mentality few years back, I did love travelling alone and I was used to it until I got more aware and had a few experiences of the downsides of it. I concluded it could be too risky these times.

I don't like it though that these times make me feel lazy and very unproductive. I can't sleep and I can't do anything. I'm aware that there are many things I have to do but for some reasons, I just can't do anything. I'm also glued to my computer but I can't write anything until this point. hehehehe!

Why? Oh well, I decided to get out and have fun so I had this day out shopping just shopping.  I wanted also to try Krispy Kreme at Siam Paragon but goodness we have only one branch here and queues are really long. I tried getting back there three times but the long lines were discouraging. I treated myself with Burger King's Whooper Junior instead. I love whooper and I think it is the tastiest patty of all the burgers. Oh wait. thought I'd be talking about shopping yes, I was checking new bags and shoes but didn't like any and finally I got myself a new Guess wallet. I love it's so cool! I wanted to get the bag of the same design but I noticed a bit scratch on it so  why should I? Yes, both were the last items displayed the rest are of different colors. I love the buy as I got forty percent off. The nearest mall to my home gives  until thirty percent only as far as I've noticed.

After Paragon, I headed to Central World and I was amazed they now have an ice skating rink. Saw some playing ice hockey in there. It was quiet in Central World today, not many people going around and even in shops.  Siam Paragon was crowded and  there were plenty of customer at the restaurants were even at past lunch. Going back to Central World, I was glad to find out that XXII Forever was on sale, the shop has lots and lots and lots of variety from dresses to accessories. I was fascinated on how unique the bling-blings were so got myself some bracelets, ring and earrings. Unbelievable, I got sets of them! And that made me soo happy! Hahahaha! Those were just cute! checked some clothes, too but I told myself it was too much to get more, I mean, I spent enough so I must control. lol!

After Central, I went to Amarin. I saw the ad that the shops were on brand name sale and it was so right. Lots of dresses at very, very good buys but none could fit me. Even size 1 is still big for my size hahaha! It  was the best excuse to stop extra purchase. Hahaha!

Then, I went to Tesco Lotus to get a new plastic drawer. I had my dinner at Fuji  first that is one of my fave Japanese restaurants and then did some groceries and yes, the plastic drawer. Finally, I got here in my room with my shopping bags on my left and the plastic drawer on the other hand at past ten in the evening, and yes, the day made me feel high . I  did use much energy and the day 'till evening made me smile more and here I am....still smiling writing this.  And by the way, I'm on the third floor and my building has no elevator! Hahaha!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Birthday SURPRISE at work!

( Written Sept. 25, 2010 )

It was a normal day today, a regular Saturday only we had to stay a bit longer for a meeting. We heard the agenda is of the new ECC certificates and the upcoming halloween celebration. We had fun with the usual chit-chatting with coworkers. Khun Nee also mentioned again of her missing my birthday and some other friends who weren't able to make it.

By the afternoon, I got a  pack from Khun Nee and the staff, they told me it was for my birthday. I thought it was cool of them giving me beauty stuff and I jokingly asked them " why would you want me to be beautiful when I already am". Hahaha!

Anyway, and so the time went on and we had the meeting. We discussed about the coming halloween and another new program as it'll be a big event for ECC. This time we have to go out, have a stage and do the presentations. I of course presented to have one of my classes for a production number, both for singing and dancing.

We were't finished yet when we heard a knock on the door. Then there came Glenn bringing the cake with candles lit and the rest greeted "Happy Birthday". At the back of my mind I asked "huh? Whose birthday is it?" And I couldn't believe it that the cake was heading to  my seat! I was like " what??? for me, do you mean, it's my birthday??". Hahahaha, they really got me there! 

I thought the beauty pack was it, and who would expect it was like five days after my birthday. I really didn't see it coming and it was definitely a suprise! Hahaha! I think that moment ended the meeting abruptly. We had the cake sliced and had fun. It was the same cake as I had last year, what a coincidence.  And the meeting? Guess we really didn't close it, it was just  a piece of cake?? Hahaha! Seriously, thanks to my ECC family, luv you all! :D

My BIRTHDAY at Waterside Resort Restaurant

(Written September 21, 2010)

I love dining and good ambiance is one of the things I'm attracted to, most especially on special days and ocassions. I've celebrated my birthdays in quite a few places in here but yes, with lesser invites. I did the same thing, checking the place on google and then ask recommendations and feedback, visit... and finally decide.

Waterside Resort Restaurant is an ideal place in what I picture what my birthday  this year should be. It's of private rooms and of course with karaoke. It is fun to sing and just experience music. Plus, the food is fine and I just so love the place, it's elegant and  fascinating.

I've invited some of my coworkers and some Filipino friends. Many of my coworkers finish work after 8:30p.m. so I expected that many would be delayed. Like it will be of two groups, the early birds and those that will come later.

It was so funny, since the map is a bit confusing my guests had a hard time going to the venue.  I  even got confused myself  how to get there as I just told the cab driver to send me to the place. The thing was, they too find it hard to locate! hahaha!

Anyway, I was glad many of my Filipino friends came and some of my coworkers. Some didn't make it but I appreciated of them letting me know that they couldn't  make it that night through SMS.  Made me say, I was right getting a smaller room anticipating the attendance.

That was also memorable having overseas calls for greetings from loved ones. It was a night I wanted to and it happened that way. It was all fun and if I had to choose to extend the time surely I would.  My birthday indeed was a happy birthday, at least for me. :)

Finally, I thank the Lord for the blessings, the gift of family, friends, work and yes, LIFE. :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


( Written Sept. 18. 2010)

Few days more and I'll have another year. I'm thankful. When I was young I had dreams on what should I be reaching this age and guess I didn't make it. I'm not sad either. As I grow older I'm grateful that I'm starting to appreciate more the beauty of life and that this living made me understand more the events that we encounter along the journey.

I can see myself as sailing into the ocean and the sail sometimes had a few storms and still I'm on the ocean only maybe seizing to sail on for now. This is the time when I can see lots of destinations I wish to venture however, there are some aspects that made me  rest for awhile considering the possible outcome of the sail and totally enjoying the moment in the calm and clear ocean. This means I'm enjoying the halt and that the sail has to stop for a moment to prepare for the challenges that may come once the boat  sails again.

And yes, I know what I want and that is to welcome the added year of my life with what I deserve.  I used to have great birthdays way back at home. It's a n event my parents and family made indeed a special day, but since I got here and had the freeewill to do wahtever I can, I opted to have a silent celebration thinking of work or will be working the next day.
But come on, this is my life and I have to give what I deserve. I've been working hard and this time guess Ineed a blast, and that to have a fun bday celebration.

I have been eyeing on this beautiful restaurant, the place is such an ideal one for me, been checking the website and it's food and I desire to have my birthday there. I asked some recommendations and glad many turned out positive. Yes, for now I'm happy ad checking the place myself and tasting some food is heavenly. This is for my birthday , I told myself. Now, I'm excited. :D

MY day

I should call yesterday A DAY. It was time for my beauty stuff and of course my massage. My massuese was busy so I decided to take another one and gosh  it got so painful when she did the massage. Both for thighs and near shoulders were really in pain and she told me I was prone for coma and the pain near shoulders determined something in the head. In a minute, I thought if it had something to do with insanity hahaha, anyway, I have this frequent headache perhaps that was it meant. :)

I felt better yeah, but for now I can still feel the  pain of the touch. I'm kinda abusive with my body lately in terms of movement. I tend to be lazy perhaps as I've been under the weather or my body is still adjusting to the no work days routine.

Been working all days of the week and so far I cope up with those days and here's vacation time leaving me free on weekdays. I still have lots of grades to work on but guess my room is no longer  a very good place to do work.  Been here for rest and relaxation have to make another adjustment to  change the mindset.

Today, I woke up early as usual but extended getting up until I felt hungry.  And didn't have the gusto to do anything else though I planned in the past what to do today. This can't go on, my day is a day of moving and working, I'm not comfortable to be idle at all...on a second note, maybe im just restless. And what's my day like, for now I can say...unexplainable. lolol!