To understand reality is not the same as to know about outward events. It is to perceive the essential nature of things. The best-informed man is not necessarily the wisest. Indeed there is a danger that precisely in the multiplicity of his knowledge he will lose sight of what is essential. But on the other hand, knowledge of an apparently trivial detail quite often makes it possible to see into the depth of things. And so the wise man will seek to acquire the best possible knowledge about events, but always without becoming dependent upon this knowledge. To recognize the significant in the factual is wisdom. Dietrich Bonhoeffer:


Life is a train of moods like a string of beads; and as we pass through them they prove to be many colored lenses, which paint the world their own hue, and each shows us only what lies in its own focus.---RALPH WALDO EMERSON
Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.---ABRAHAM LINCOLN
There is neither happiness nor misery in the world; there is only the comparison of one state to another, nothing more. He who has felt the deepest grief is best able to experience supreme happiness. We must have felt what it is to die, that we may appreciate the enjoyments of life.---ALEXANDRE DUMAS
“It is not because the truth is too difficult to see that we make mistakes... we make mistakes because the easiest and most comfortable course for us is to seek insight where it accords with our emotions - especially selfish ones" --- Alexander Solzhenitsyn quotes (Russian novelist, Nobel Prize for Literature (1970), b.1918)
“Wisdom ceases to be wisdom when it becomes too proud to weep, too grave to laugh, and too selfish to seek other than itself.” ---Kahlil Gibran

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Kirin Restaurant in Ekamai

I thought I had a good sleep but strange I felt like I was totally conscious all night! I wasn't tired though I just felt that I was awake. I never had this experience ever and I just find this odd. Anyway, I went to work today and as usual I did look for slices of papaya for breakfast but there was nothing available at Tesco. I ended up having spicy chicken in basil leaves and coffee. Classes went okay, except that one of my students got a bit impatient with himself. I always ask my students to redo their work when they don't get it right, that's how I stretch my patience and I have a strict rule, as when one can't finish the task then the student can't take any break or can't go home yet. I never want them to leave the room with anything unfinished except in some special cases.

Going back to my student, I was surprised he cried during break time. He wasn't the last one to finish the activity, in fact, there were two other students who weren't done after he completed his work. I heard he got worried on his performance and I told him it was okay. He went back to the classroom still in tears but I ignored the situation and just went on with the oral  practices. Glad he did participate and he did well. He felt a lot better when I asked the class to guess the correct answer and he did get it right. I heard the "yeeehheyy" and the tears were all gone. :)

Yes, that's how we deal with kids, it's challenging but we have to impose discipline and guide them well. We cannot deny that they have their respective characters and attitudes perhaps genetics and how they are raised but these things are reparable for them to make things right. It was just heart crushing when we were about to finish the class he said "Teacher, I'm sorry."  The sound of it, it's a music for a kid saying the word but honestly there was no reason for him to say so. He didn't misbehave, I knew he was disappointed with himself, he just have to deal with the fact that sometimes things go wrong, and there's no need to worry as he can always make things right with time.

I went to Kirin Restaurant in Ekamai after work. I actually purchased a voucher from Ensogo and that voucher  is expiring soon  so I decided to use it today. Funny, I've never been to Park Lane, from work it took me over an hour to get there plus a few minute walk from BTS Ekamai. I saw the signage and couldn't locate the restaurant. I asked some staff in some other restaurants down there and they said they didn't know where Kirin was. I was surprised! I went near the signage again and goodness it took awhile for me to realize that the restaurant is on the second floor! Hahaha, there! At last, I went inside, presented my voucher and had my "huge" order. I should say it was a GUILTY  meal at least for me!  I had too much food and the servings were dense. It was a great experience and I think the restaurant is worth the visit anytime. 

After the meal I walked  back to BTS Ekamai, went past Bourbon restaurant and saw some peeps having dinner in there. I thought one person inside resembled someone I know, it just took seconds to see the face, I was aware the man looked back but  again, I thought there was no need to thoroughly check or confirm if the person was someone I really know or just a familiar face, after all, I didn't want to see the face of that person at least for now.( Shrugging my shoulders.)

I took the bus, it was crowded and later a woman offered if she could help me carry my bag. She said she noticed my arm was already red  with the marks of  my bag's straps. I was thankful but told her it was natural for me to get rashes even by just holding something. I showed her my palm that was all red by just taking a grip on the bus. I thought she was really nice, I offer the same help to some other passengers who are in need. If  you're in Bangkok be not surprised when a man won't offer any set, nor help you carry with your stuff in a bus, you usually get simple kindness from women themselves.

 Finally, going back to Kirin are the fotos.  :)

Yep, from work, bus ride and walking. LOL! :)

Nice view from where I was seated. Drink  was served. :)

Table for two, food for many and I'm eating alone. Verdict: Guilty! LOL!

I normally get a cup of  fresh brewed coffee after meal, I  had hot tea this time.. :)